Wendy Patton – Sandwich Lease Options

Wendy Patton – Sandwich Lease Options
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Wendy Patton – Sandwich Lease Options

Wendy Patton – Sandwich Lease Options

Wendy Patton – Sandwich Lease Options

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A Sandwich Lease Option is a technique that has been used for many years but the technique has been overlooked by many. To me it is the hidden gem of the real estate investing world. When executed properly, you the investor will make money with the option fee, the back end and a monthly cash flow.  This means you get paid THREE ways.  Essentially, you lease a property with an option to buy it, and in turn you rent it out to someone else, also granting them an option to buy it.  You are in the middle, hence the reason we call it a “Sandwich Lease Option”.

  • Introduction Lease Options: Anyone Can Do It!
  • How Sandwich Lease Options Work to Get You to Future Financial Freedom (FX3)
  • Success Stories of Sandwich Lease Options
  • Finding Motivated Sellers for Lease Options
  • Evaluating the Profitability of the Deal
  • Negotiating the Deal: Steps to Buying on Lease Options
  • Getting the Paperwork Ready for a Sandwich Lease Option
  • Advanced Concepts and Strategies for Buying on Lease Options
  • Building Rapport and Sharing Lease Options with Realtors
  • Closing Deals with Realtors
  • Finding & Qualifying a “Good” Tenant Buyer
  • Getting the Paperwork Ready for the Tenant Buyer
  • Managing the Property and the Tenant
  • The Simultaneous Closing / Double Closing –The Big Payday
  • Advanced Concepts and Strategies for Selling on Lease Options
  • Business Organization for Lease Option Investments
  • Resources for the Real Estate Investor

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About Author

Wendy Patton

Wendy Patton is a successful, creative real estate investor who started when she was young and broke. Creative seller financing is a way to invest in real estate without using traditional bank financing. Wendy Patton’s focus is on lease options, subject tos, and land contracts (contract for deed). Review her blog and articles to discover more about creative seller financing. Sign up to receive her valuable lease option education at no cost to you.

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