WordPress Specialist Program by Craig Cannings

WordPress Specialist Program by Craig Cannings
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WordPress Specialist Program by Craig Cannings

WordPress Specialist Program by Craig Cannings

WordPress Specialist Program by Craig Cannings

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Yes, Craig – SIGN ME UP! I’m Ready To Get Started And …

Discover Erin’s Super Easy Strategies and Techniques for Transforming a Blank Screen Into a Fully-Functioning, Beautifully-Designed WordPress Website… In No Time Flat!
I know and understand the amazing power I’ll be able to wield once I’ve learned Erin’s “insider” tips, strategies and techniques for creating gorgeous, high-functioning WordPress websites for myself and clients that get massive results – and I want to get on board now …
Dear Virtual Professional,
Being a successful, sought-after Virtual Assistant means staying innovative and offering services that set you apart from other VAs in the industry.
One of the ways that you can do this is by offering a service that your clients would typically have to go outside of your company for — a service like: web design.
Most people balk at the idea of doing web design because the vision of programming complicated code comes to mind. The beauty of the Internet-driven world that we live in today is that there are solutions that you can learn to implement that don’t require knowing code. In fact, you can build a website today and never touch code at all — the key is knowing the steps to take to successfully take a website from nothing to something beautiful.
In this comprehensive program, you’re going to learn how to take a brand-new hosting account and turn it into a fully functioning, beautifully designed WordPress website.
Erin will walk you through, in detail:
– How to install and setup WordPress on a hosting account
– Where to find good premium themes and how to install them
– How to fully customize the theme to be “on point” with your client’s branding
– How to add content and change theme elements
– How to setup widgets, custom menus and install plug-ins
– Which plug-ins are required to add optimum functionality to the website
– How to brand and talk about this service with clients and what to charge
– Plus, everything else you will need to build a thriving WordPress service!
Here’s a quick overview of what we’ll cover each week …

Week One: Preparation & Setup
In your first week together, Erin will take you through everything you need to do to prepare your client for the project, the information you’ll need to collect from them to ensure project completion, how to setup WordPress on a hosting account, where to locate themes and what to look for.
Week Two: Theme Customization, Part I
In your second week, you’ll begin the process of customizing the theme you’ve chosen. This will include a full navigation map of the backend of WordPress, where to change the required options to impact the branding of the site and how to change theme elements.
Week Three: Theme Customization, Part II
In week three, you’ll continue your theme customization while layering in the selection (and installation) of plug-ins, addition of content and more. By the end of week three, you’ll know everything you need to know to customize a premium theme.
Week Four: Packaging the Site + Selling the Service
In your final week together, Erin will take you step-by-step through what you need to do to deliver the site to your client. You’ll learn how to sell this service, what clients are looking for, how to price the service so you can stay competitive and earn a great wage, and much more.
In short: you’ll leave this course with everything you need to know to offer this service to your clients with ease, and with confidence.
If the course description isn’t enough to make you want to register immediately, here’s a juicy side bonus… learning this skill isn’t just something you can use to generate more clients and charge more money. It’s a skill that will afford you the opportunity to improve your own website.
Improving your own site is key as how you present yourself online is often an indication to your client about the type of service they’ll get from you. They want a service provider that is walking the talk and who they can model their own online activities after.
So, even if you aren’t in a position where you want to offer this as a service quite yet, jump into the course anyhow. Learn the skills required to amp up your own online presence and create the type of business that your clients will long to have.
Join Our All-New WordPress Specialist Program Now During This Special “Charter Launch” And You’ll Get …

4-Module LIVE Coaching Program: You get 4 weeks (4 modules) of comprehensive, in-depth training with Erin Blaskie – where she’s going to share with you all of her “insider” WordPress strategies and techniques.
You’ll join Erin each week as she guides you step-by-step through one intensive, 2-hour-plus LIVE training session (over 8 hours of intensive training in all) … where you’ll get the practical, “hands on” skills and strategies you need to take a brand-new hosting account and turn it into a fully functioning, beautifully designed WordPress website.
Including, everything you need to know about how to quickly prepare and set up a hosting account, choose and customize an “off-the-shelf” WordPress theme, quickly add the right plug-ins and content, optimize for both human and search engine visitors, how to package and sell your services, and a whole lot more.
It’s all based on her actual, real-world experience over the past 10 years helping her clients get online, establish their web presence, and create community … and working with such notable companies as Disney, Kraft, Travelocity, Microsoft, Ford, PepsiCo, 3M and The Body Shop.
BONUS #1 – WordPress Designer’s Resource Pack: You get a collection of Erin’s personal forms, checklists, planning worksheets, and other resources that you can take and simply plug-and-play into your business. A $197 value.

You know it can take an insane amount of time to create all the forms, task lists, checklists, and other resources and documents you need to run a professional business. If you love to work with clients, but hate messing with all the “paperwork” that has to be shuffled back and forth to do it, you’re in luck. Erin’s already invested the time to create them all for her own business and she’s going to share them all with you.

You’ll get a comprehensive collection with everything you need to find and service clients … right out of the gate!

BONUS #2 – Private 60-Minute Group Q&A Call: You get a private, one-hour group coaching session with Erin so you can ask her your questions live and get immediate feedback and support. A $97 value.

About 30 days after the live training portion of the program is complete, Erin will get on the phone with you and your fellow students for a one hour, live group coaching session. She’ll answer your questions live… give you immediate feedback on any websites you may be working on… give you live, screen-shared support if needed… and help you with anything else you may be stuck with.

And even if you don’t have questions of your own… with your fellow students on the call with you, you’ll likely get answers to questions you never even thought of that you can use to make improvements in your own business, or send you in a new and exciting direction!

BONUS #3 – Private Facebook Group: You get lifetime access to our brand-new, private Facebook Group created exclusively for graduates of the WordPress Specialist Program. A priceless value.

Immediately after you join the program, just send us a request and – once approved – you’ll be able to instantly connect directly with Erin, myself and your fellow WordPress peers. Give and get support and encouragement … share new ideas, tools and resources … talk about the industry … get all your questions answered … and quickly get on the fast track to building an exciting, successful WordPress service business!

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