XTrain DVD Workouts [reduced]

XTrain DVD Workouts [reduced]
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XTrain DVD Workouts [reduced]

XTrain DVD Workouts [reduced]

XTrain DVD Workouts [reduced]

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Get XTrain DVD Workouts [reduced] at Salaedu.com


XTrain is a total body fitness program based on Undulating Periodization (just a fancy term meaning we constantly mix things up) instead of a Linear Periodization plan like we did in the original STS program. There are many advantages to undulating workouts, but best of all, this type of workout is easily adaptable to almost anyone’s busy schedule and takes the worry out of having to miss any workouts due to unplanned life circumstances.
The idea for the XTrain series was born out of listening to everyone’s feedback and suggestions about STS and another older favorite, Cross Train Xpress. XTrain takes the best of both STS and Cross Train Xpress and merges the two concepts, but of course with an updated approach and improvements.

XTrain has been uniquely designed to fit almost anyone’s hectic schedule, and there are hundreds of ways the XTrain program can be done. This way you’re not limited to just the regular 90-day program. For example: just like we did in Cross Train Express, each of the XTrain cardio workouts comes with several options to do a short (approximately 15 minute) single muscle group strength training workout at the end of your cardio workout. We’ve even added optional 100 rep challenges to every cardio workout as another strength training option. And of course, XTrain also offers multiple body part workouts just like we did in the original STS program, but this time we have reduced the time of the workouts and the equipment needed. So what do you get when you combine kickbutt cardio workouts with effective undulating weight workouts, great music, tons of premixes, detailed chapter menus, and beautiful filming? A system that stands in a league of its own: THE XTRAIN SERIES!!!


1. Super Cuts. Xtrain
2. Leg. Xtrain
3. Cardio Leg Blast. Xtrain
4. Chest, Back amp Shoulders. XTrain
5. Bi’s and Tri’s. Xtrain
6. Burn Sets Сhest, Back amp Shoulders. XTrain
7. Burn Sets Bi’s and Tri’s. Xtrain
8. Hard Strikes. Xtrain
9. All Out Low Impact HiiT. Xtrain
10. Tabatacise. Xtrain
11. Burn Sets Core. Xtrain
12. Super Cuts Core. Xtrain


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Staying active can also help you maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and reduce your risk for some cancers.

Moderate aerobics exercises 3 times a week for 30 minutes can reduce cancer risk Cancer-based exercises provide relief to the patient during
cancer treatment There are many benefits to exercising. But it’s even more beneficial for cancer patients. This has been proven in research published in the medical journal ‘Cancer Journal for Clinicians’.

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